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Sharing Your Story Matters

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

If everyone was always supposed to be doing the same thing at the same time, then there would be no need for k-12th grade, varying levels of degrees in college, or even various levels of exercise programs for you to join.

This fact I know for sure: we must remember that there is a certain time for us to be doing certain things and this doesn’t mean that we are behind or that we are lacking in anything.

As many of you know, it has been my dream to write and publish many books on many different topics. I assumed that as soon as I “really” made the decision to publish it that it would just flow. A couple of different things have happened in the last 5 years to show me that it hasn’t been in God’s plan for it to come just yet. One thing was that as I have found complete healing, the book has continuously evolved to a bigger and bigger story about God. It started off being very “blaming” meaning I really wanted to show the world what I had experienced and as I began to heal, it changed to be more and more about God and how his hand was in my life even back then.
What I didn’t realize and the primary reason for me writing this blog today is that every season is not meant for building something that can be seen. Contrary to what social media says it’s not always time to be making major moves, living your best life (which translates to doing multiple things at a time) or even chasing your dreams.
Often unseen and not celebrated are times of building character, purging bad habits, getting rid of procrastination, removing baggage and learning skills that will sustain you later. Sadly, most people go “ghost” during this time because highlight reels of other people’s lives make us feel somehow “behind” in life.
It is important that we share with the body of Christ what we are experiencing in our own particular season. This is NOT to say that you should use social media to vent, complain, and bash people in your life, but I believe that the entire journey that we take into walking into our specific calling or purpose is important.
To be honest, I have been SO busy literally just doing the basic tasks day to day, that I have had not had MUCH time to write. I beat myself up about it for a few months until God finally revealed to me that it just wasn’t my season to be doing a lot of writing. Fortunately, I did write down all the ideas for books and blogs that he gave me, but it was extremely hard not to execute because I would say to myself: “I am capable of doing that too,” when I would see others doing things on social media and then I would be hard on myself saying, I should be working harder to make things happen, basically dishonoring God’s timing.
Ecclesiastes 3:1; 7 says:
For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under the sun; a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be quiet and a time to speak.
Meaning it wouldn’t ALWAYS be my time to share, talk, write, speak or even be SEEN.
But God also encouraged me on exactly what I COULD share.
And what he wanted me to share was:
My struggles and his strength.
My shortcomings and his righteousness.
My willingness and his sovereignty.
And He wanted me to share this within the context of my development. Not when I was at a place where I felt like I could show the world what the journey looked like. It was almost like a before and after picture. Most of us can see from respected leaders what it looks like to follow God to ultimately find their calling and walk in it. But what happens in the beginning and middle.
We often don’t get to see this firsthand. Yes, we can read about it, or listen to it from others in retrospect, but that’s not the same as watching it in the moment.
Being willing to share this side of my life was hard.
A lot of times, there is not much glory in saying you’re pretty much in a messy stage in your life.
Kind of sounds like this: “No, I am not writing or doing anything fun for that matter, I am learning how to consistently show up for church and work on time, be consistent with my children and myself at that, manage my money responsibly and pray/study my bible on a regular basis.”
But this is needed in the body of Christ. We see enough people who are walking into their purpose, after their season of waiting.
Maybe you are consistently working spending more quality time with your children, finding joy in mundane tasks, communication with your spouse/family, healing your heart, learning to Hear God’s voice, stepping out on faith with your career, moving to a new city…whatever it is –share your story. 9/10 you are NOT the only person going through this.

As I said before, every season is not for building in an upward fashion. I am developing in ways that are not immediately visible through a picture, but none the less I will not devalue this season because it does not call for books, career moves, babies or engagements!

Think about it this way–
what if God told you to leave your job and go back to college?
What if God is showing your how to forgive others?
What if God is teaching you how to use your gifts and hear from the Holy Spirit?
Chances are, you’re not alone. So whatever season you are in, you are there for a reason, and you must honor God’s timing and appreciate where you are. Share your story–it matters in the body of Christ. Sometimes the best thing that we can do for a person, is say—I am there with you –I understand—I feel the same or even I remember that season too.
Let’s not wait to show the “things” that can be shown on pictures, let’s give God glory throughout ALL of our experiences.
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