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JS-Milestones, INC. is organized exclusively for charitable purposes more specifically, to provide at-risk youth, young adults, women and families with an array of support and essential services, including but not limited to mentoring, life coaching, parenting skills, life skill programming, community education and self-empowerment and other items. Our goals are to promote self-empowerment and provide services to those at risk populations through building character, life skills, extracurricular activities, academics and exposure to others in the community. 


“I never knew I could do it."
When I was 19 and pregnant and then 21 with three kids I didn’t think that I could truly achieve any of the goals I had. My life was a revolving door of broken promises, failed attempts at giving my children the life I wanted them to have & I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. I grew up in a small town, and there weren’t many opportunities to learn about resources, programs or just general knowledge about what I could achieve outside of being a single mother. Even still, those limited resources and combined with being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse & domestic violence, I found myself in a shelter for domestic violence victims at the age 22 years old. I knew in that moment that even though I wasn’t in a position to help anyone (not even myself), I truly wanted to.


So that's what I'm doing now. Single mothers experience a greater sense of mental health issues, and general sense of hopelessness due to repetitive cycles of poverty and instability. Without the right resources, support and skills many women will be unable to break this vicious cycle. My hope and goal is that through this organization, we are able to provide individuals who come into this program with the skills, resources and confidence to not only change the dynamics of who they are, but also their families. That's why we provide educational support, mentorship, career development, basic computer training, health and wellness support, GED support, jobs skills, financial literacy resources, and honestly much more that you'd like to read, both inside and out.

We are here to help you and everyone that comes after you to experience wealth, abundance and a greater sense of hope for what their future holds. We believe that if you help women find financial freedom and self-sufficiency it unleashes an unlimited potential of future history makers.

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September 29, 2016
incorporated in 2020


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